The Avalonian Oracle is a pictorial encapsulation of the fundamental elements of the Avalonian Tradition, a modern day reconstruction of the path of the Celtic Priestess. Drawing upon Welsh Mythos, British Legend, and the Mysteries of the ancient Celtic Druids, the Avalonian Tradition is a contemporary spiritual path of inner transformation and personal sovereignty.

The Avalonian Oracle operates on multiple levels:

  • It is a divinatory tool that provides insight and guidance on the inner journey to the Self, the Goddess, and to the very shores of the Holy Island of Avalon.
  • It presents a transformational symbol set that will stimulate and energize hidden pathways, open doorways into the psyche, and help the seeker access the realms of the Otherworld.
  • It is a teaching tool to assist the seeker in connecting with the spiritual and philosophical principles of the Avalonian Tradition.

The Avalonian Oracle is comprised of seven card divisions representing different phases of the spiritual journey, and echoing the seven circuits of the walkable, three-dimensional labyrinth carved into the slopes of Glastonbury Tor. Glastonbury, in southern England, holds powerful associations with the Island of Avalon, and the Tor is a sacred hill which may have been a ritual center in times past. Like the undulations of the labyrinth, the seven Cycles of the deck integrate seamlessly with each other to form a cohesive whole.