“Never before have the goddesses of Britain been so creatively, lovingly, and delightfully brought to life; with dedication, love and incredible attention to detail. This is not just an oracle, but a valuable tool that will deepen your relationship with the divine feminine. Exquisitely written and illustrated, this oracle will guide you to the edge of the Celtic Otherworld, and allow you to peer through its mists, and delve into the heart of mystery.”

 — Kristoffer Hughes, Head of the Anglesey Druid Order, Mount Haemus Scholar and author of From the Cauldron Born and The Book of Celtic Magic


“With The Avalonian Oracle, Jhenah Telyndru offers an enchanting addition to the world of Celtic and Avalonian lore, as well as to the divination community as a whole. The art, by Emily Brunner, has a quiet power that pulls you into the timeless realm of Avalon. The seven unique card cycles allow for deep journeying, but each card also stands on its own as a simple moment of wisdom. I especially like the goddess portraits and the text that describes them—the sacred feminine is truly felt throughout this lovely deck. Gazing at the cards, I feel the mists part and hear the compelling call to look within.”

— Lunaea Weatherstone, Author of Tending Brigid’s Flame, The Victorian Fairy Tarot, and The Mystical Cats Tarot